Soema Montenegro is an experimental singer and songwriter based in Buenos Aires who mixes the sounds and images of the jungle and mountain landscapes with her original poetry, creating a new and unique voice in today's South American music scene. Often referred to as a poet-shaman, Soema finds inspiration from indigenous traditions and nature while continuing to be relevant and innovative.

Its charming theatrical and emotional narrative transcends language and transports listeners. She has received critical acclaim from international audiences around the world.

Soema is a nerd. A magician. A wise woman. A child. A surrealistic poet. A healer"

Ana Zomeño is a folk/pop singer-songwriter and composer of the new Valencian scene. After her last work was nominated for best artist album revelation of the Carles Santos Valencian awards and was chosen by Mondosonoro magazine as one of the 10 best EPs of 2020, has toured Uruguay at the end of 2021.

Music has always been the source of strength that has brought people closer. And that is the effect it generates in its public, closeness, and intimacy.

Virtuosity in the execution and a warm and clean voice at the service of compositions with magic and transcendence.An honest and decisive piece of work, a mix of cultures (jazz, songwriters), but above all, steeped in feeling. MondoSonoro

Hernán Vargas is dedicated to the experimentation and construction of musical instruments made of ceramic.

As a ceramist and musician he found the perfect conjunction between these 2 disciplines, a meeting point between these worlds, music and ceramics, from more than 18 years ago he began his path of research in the construction, execution and sounding of instruments of Clay, "Design based on acoustics" 

More info:  Suena Barro

Humberto Loopz aka Bial Hclap is a DJ and music producer from Guadalajara, Jalis Co with an important legacy for hip hop from his hometown, that's how in 2005 he founded the Handiclap Records label. He has collaborated with Pato Machete, Eptos Uno, La Banda Bastón, to name a few, and shared the stage with La Mala Rodríguez, Panteón Rococo and La Yegros. He has performed in clubs throughout Europe, North America and Latin America. That is why Bial has positioned himself with great strength and presence as one of the notch remixers and producers in Mexican hip hop and global bass. His music and craft, in general, have all been spread out over Mexico, Europe, and The United States of America; it has been published by record labels such as Buddah Bar (FR), Worldwide Records (MX), Tropical Bass Records (DE), Cosmovision Records(CA), El Flying Monkey(US), Folclore Records (ES), and Watanka Records (SE).