Thaïs Morell belongs to a new generation of Brazilian musicians who have extensive training and the ability to move with ease between various musical styles. With a stunning live show, at once intense and delicate, she mixes the jazzy chords of Bossa Nova with folk and street rhythms from Brazil and elsewhere, achieving the most varied audiences.

Graduated as a Music Educator at the Faculty of Arts of Paraná (Unespar / Brazil), Thaïs has a Master's degree in Ethnomusicology from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). She has also studied music in Finland (Sibelius Academy Music University - Folk Music Department Scholarship), and in Ghana (Ghana University - Performing Arts Department Scholarship). She spent 10 years living abroad, accumulating a wide musical background, as well as concerts and workshops in more than 50 cities in 12 countries. Her worldview is impregnated with interculturality that is reflected in her lyrics and songs, in which she speaks of strength and delicacy while bringing reflections on life and time.

...Among so many voices, a pure diamond, different, special and captivating."

Ana Zomeño belongs to the new generation of Valencian singer-songwriters with the greatest projection according to the critics.

Her compositions reflect her inner universe and the social, cultural and personal concerns that she experiences.

Music has always been the source of strength that has brought people closer together. And that is the effect it generates on its audience, closeness and intimacy.

Since 2019, she has released three EPs, Cinco Conocidas, Nuevas Conocidas and Taller de Canciones. This last work was nominated for the best revelation artist album of the Carles Santos awards for Valencian music and was chosen by Mondosonoro magazine as one of the 10 best EPs of 2020.


Owner of a unique style, the singer and composer from Buenos Aires reaffirms her musical identity from the miscegenation of landscapes, sound and poetic experiences.

Soema Montenegro is an experimental singer and songwriter based in Buenos Aires who mixes the sounds and images of the jungle and mountain landscapes with her original poetry, creating a new and unique voice in today's South American music scene. Often referred to as a poet-shaman, Soema finds inspiration from indigenous traditions and nature while continuing to be relevant and innovative.

Its charming theatrical and emotional narrative transcends language and transports listeners. She has received critical acclaim from international audiences around the world.

Soema is a nerd. A magician. A wise woman. A child. A surrealistic poet. A healer"

Joaquín Merino was born in the south of Patagonia in Argentina. He is a professor, songwriter and composer. His music is crossed by Latin American rhythms converging in an intimate sound of the song genre.

He comes from a family of artists. His parents are puppeteers. He's spent his entire childhood on stages. He was born near the sea, in a very cold place where you can see the whole sky. His songs are like this, born from that dispossession, from those immense landscapes of Patagonia.

His music talks about the beauty that lives in small and simple things. That magic is hidden in our daily lives.

When he sings with his guitar, he feels like he can take that whole world with him, like it's a portable territory.

He makes songs to tell his story, from his roots to his wings.

In 2018 he released ARVOLAR, his first album of songs and he was selected to play at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires. In 2020 he moved to Buenos Aires to work on his next album.

Victor Mendoza is Vibraphonist, composer, and pedagogue is currently one of the artists of greater international recognition in the genre of Latin Jazz, Contemporary Jazz and the world of percussion.

His career as a performer includes performances with his own group and figures such as Paquito D'Rivera, Claudio Roditi, Antonio Sánchez, Gary Burton, Lee Konitz, Slide Hampton, Giovanni Hidalgo, Horacio "El Negro" Hernández, Jorge Pardo and Perico Sambeat among others.

As a soloist, Mendoza has performed original works with the World Festival Orchestra under the direction of Paquito de Rivera, the Carlos Chávez Symphony in Mexico, the Symphony Orchestra of the City of Granada, the prestigious Jazz Knights Big Band From West Point and the Banda Primitiva from Lliria. Recent concerts include performances in Japan, Korea, and more recently the Xalapa Jazz Fest, the Taichun Jazz Festival in Taiwan for more than one hundred thousand people and the Birstonas Jazz Festival with the National Big band of Lithuania.

For his recordings, the Modern Drummer and Jazziz magazines named Mendoza as "the leader of the vibraphone in this genre, and one of its most imaginative composers, "and Latin Beat magazine named Mendoza among the most prominent artists in the Latin jazz genre.

About Binelli-Ferman dúo

World-class musicians Daniel Binelli and Polly Ferman have united their talents to develop and further the appreciation of the tango, milonga, candombe, and other Latin American musical forms in the rarely heard partnership of the bandoneón and piano. Their performances reflect the elegance and the subtlety of the traditional tango, the sauciness of the milonga, the romance of the waltz, and the temperament and power of the contemporary tango. The Binelli-Ferman Duo's ability to reach out to their audiences in conversation and through music has made its performances an amazing experience for concert enthusiasts worldwide. Since their debut in January 2000 in New York City, they have toured extensively throughout the world including performances in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Rome, Paris, Munich, Berne, and St. Petersburg, as well as in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Bogota, Buenos Aires, and Montevideo. In addition to concert appearances, they offer master classes on the music of Argentina and Tango.

The Duo also performs worldwide as featured soloists with chamber and symphonic orchestras including a wide repertory of music by Daniel Binelli, Astor Piazzolla and Horacio Salgán, among others. Some of the orchestras the Binelli-Ferman Duo performed with, are: the San Francisco, Colorado, Vancouver (USA) Symphonic orchestras, Eskisehir Symphony (Turkey), Hong Kong City Chamber, Xalapa Symphony (Mexico) Minas Gerais Symphony (Brazil), National Symphony of Argentina, Mendoza, Paraná and La Plata Symphony, (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay), Filarmonic and the Concepcion Symphony orchestra, (Chile).

The Duo has recorded, among others, Imágenes de Buenos Aires, Orquestango I, Orquestango II with the Montevideo Philharmonic, New Tango Vision with guitarist Eduardo Isaac, Tango Metropolis, Tango Reunion, recorded live in Poland. Tango Fado with the Manhattan Camerata, Tango Ahora with the Prague Symphony orchestra, Sax&Tango and Tango in the Night with the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong.

CUBOPTRIO is a Latin jazz trio with Latin American rhythmic base fused with the elegance of the classic jazz repertoire. Percussionist and pedagogue Yoel Paez, of Cuban origin, is currently one of the most recognized drummers and drummers in the field of Latin jazz and the world of percussion, has worked with artists such as Sole Gimenez, Cafe Quijano, among others. Bassist Abelito Sanabria, of Cuban origin and with a very important trajectory in the field of Cuban music, has shared the stage with big names like Quincy Jones, Vocal Sampling, among others.

Vibraphonist Sebastian Laverde, of Colombian origin, graduated from the prestigious American university Berklee College of Music, is among the first musicians to record traditional Colombian music at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, and has collaborated with artists such as Victor Mendoza, Ivan "Melon "Lewis, Maria Isabel Saavedra, among other

Hernán Vargas is dedicated to the experimentation and construction of musical instruments made of ceramic.

As a ceramist and musician he found the perfect conjunction between these 2 disciplines, a meeting point between these worlds, music and ceramics, from there more than 18 years ago he began his path of research in the construction, execution and sounding of instruments of Clay, "Design based on acoustics" In 2001 he had his first encounter with ceramics and from there he began a career of research with the material and its possibilities, a path that always opens up others.

Today he is fully carrying out the Suena Barro project, which seeks to create orchestras of clay instruments in different parts of the world such as Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Guadeloupe, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain, France, Belgium, Tunisia.

More info:  Suena Barro